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Our Fishing

Relaxation is the name of the game -- that is, if you can truly relax with a big northern pike on light line. Or, make that a richly-colored walleye, lake trout or whitefish. The walleyes, in particular, are outstanding, mostly golden with dark backs and nearly white fins. The lakers are so brightly colored so to rival brook trout.

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Baptiste Lake, on which the cabin is built, is the largest of the two lakes that we fish. It is relatively deep with a lot of islands and structure, combined with shallow, sandy flats containing aquatic plants that hold plenty of hungry fish. The fertile, tea-colored water contains Northern pike, walleyes and whitefish.

During your stay, expect to catch hundreds of pike in the 3 to 5-pound range, with virtually every party catching one or more in the 20-pound class. The largest to date is a 27-pounder, a good fish anywhere. The big ones are still there as this is a catch and release operation. Tenderly release the lunkers to be caught again, but be sure to save an "eaters" for a shore lunch or great dinner at the cabin.

Early on, the walleyes can be found in numbers where the Norbert River either enters or exits the lake. Mid-summer finds them in deeper water near structure. Don't overlook the rocky points, especially with a breeze blowing in. The walleyes congregate here and can be jigged up in only a few feet of water. These fish run 2 to 4 pounds with the biggest being around 6 pounds. Bigger ones have been caught, but it takes a long time for fish to grow large in these cold northern waters.  Here is a map of fishing hot spots.

This lake provides ample protection so that virutally no fishing days are lost to inclement weather.

Jean Lake is a short walk from the Norbert River, right behind the cabin. Two boats are available to take you out onto gin-clear water that is choked with lake trout in the 4 to 6-pound range. This small, deep lake offers terrific fishing for lakers early in the year, and then again in September when they are in shallow water.

Light gear will wear you out catching fish. Not only are they tough fighters, but they are beautiful with all of the colors of nature's palate. With Northern Pike they are hard to beat in the pan or on the grill.

There are a lot of pike in Jean Lake as well, and "Jack Bay" must be experienced to be believed. Fish after fish can be caught in the 5 to 6-pound range, to the point of being wonderfully fatigued. Take a break, but don't dangle your lure over the side.

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