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The lakes
    Baptiste Lake: Highly irregular, approximately 4 - 4 miles long. Coffee colored water. 76 feet deep. Many islands with a lot of structure, weed beds later summer. Walleyes 1-1/2 to 3 pound average. (Largest 6-7 pounds). Northern pike average 3-6 pounds, largest 27 pounds, most groups catch a 20-pound fish. Lodge is on this lake.

    Jean Lake: Circular, 1-3/4 miles in diameter. Main lake is gin clear, 90 feet deep, and loaded with lake trout. One sizeable, shallow back- bay is pike heaven. To access, take a short boat trip from behind the cabin, up the Norbert River, to a trail marked Jean Lake. About a quarter-mile walk. 2 boats. Northerns 3-8 pounds. Lake Trout 3-6 pounds. Lots of fish!

    Norbert River: Small river that feeds Baptiste, eventually flowing south to the Churchill River. North of the lodge, from the inflow upstream, the river gets smaller, sluggish, and more difficult to navigate clue to fallen timber; however, early in the year, the mouth of the river is full of spawning walleye. Heading down river from the lodge may be adventurous as there is a series of waterfalls approx. 30' high. There are spawning walleye at the outflow and the deeper holes above the falls early in the year. Later the walleye move to the deeper water of Baptiste Lake and can be caught off rocky points and in deeper holes.
Fishing equipment at the lodge
    - Five 14-foot boats and two 16-foot boats (two new in 2009).
    - Five new 4-stroke motors 15-HP Yamahas, two 6-HP Yamahas, and one 6-HP Mercury.
    - Gasoline "jerry" cans
    - Nets, boat seats, anchors
    - Tools

Fishing tackle to bring
    - Rods & reels in a protective case - medium weight
    - Spare rod, reel, line, scale, pliers, fillet knife, sharpener, stringer.
    - Spoons - Five O' Diamonds, green & white, black & white, red & white) for the pike.
    - Crankbaits - Lakers like black Five O' Diamonds and black & white spoons.
    - Jigs - Light colored jigs (white, yellow) and small cranks in orange, chartreuse, and blue, suit the Walleye. Frozen minnows and small pieces of beef heart are good on the jigs.
    - Jaw spreaders, hook-outs, and steel leaders are a must.
    - Fly fishing for Northerns in Jack Bay is "a riot"! Use streamers - red and white, but; coated steele or wire leaders is a must.

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