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What to Bring

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- We can't emphasize it enough. This is a fly-in camp and much of what you need is in camp already. Limit personal gear and fishing equipment to 45 pounds.

- Passport and driver's license
- Sleeping bag, pillow
- Ear plugs, toiletries
- Warm clothing
- Towel, washcloth
- Insect repellant, sunscreen
- Rain gear
- Camera, flashlight
- Refreshments (no glass bottles, please)

- Pick up fishing license at Prince Albert or La Ronge
- Rods & reels in a protective case - medium weight
- Spare rod, reel, line, scale, pliers, spreaders, fillet knife, sharpener, stringer.
- Basic tackle (must use barbless hooks), jigs, crankbaits, spoons and bottom bounders for walleye (green and orange). - Spoons and crankbaits for pike and lake trout (Len Thompson #2 Five O' Diamonds and Black and White)
- Fly rod and tackle (if desired)

- Plan basic group menu, designate who will buy groceries, attempt to buy only what you will consume
- Pay attention to weight and volume
- Fresh fish is always available
- Bring condiments, spices, fish batter, cooking oil, pancake mix, syrup, potatoes, onions, vegetables, fresh fruit, salads and dressing, meat, dairy products, salt and pepper, coffee, tea
- Beverages/bottled water as refreshment (cabin water is potable for coffee, tea, cooking and cleaning)
- Small amounts of dish soap, paper towels, toilet paper, pot scrubbers, aluminum foil

- Boats, motors, fuel, nets, paddles, life jackets (may bring your own if desired)
- Stove, fridge, generator, lantern, shower, coffee maker, toaster, phone and gas barbecue
- Chain saw, hand tools, spare parts

- Depth finder and batteries
- Two-way radios

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Saskatchewan, Canada

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