Sample food and beverage list
6 fishermen - 5 days


5 lbs. sliced, cooked ham (lunch, breakfast)
3 lbs. all beef franks
6 sirloin steaks
4 dozen eggs
2 creamed cheese (8 oz. packages)*
6 medium bags salad greens
2 flats fresh mushrooms
1 dozen tomatoes
1 bunch celery*
6 large bunches green onions
10 lbs. red potatoes*
5 lbs. yellow onions*
4 lbs. sliced American cheese
Sm. Jar crushed garlic
1 lb. real butter
2 med. tubs margarine
Some fresh fruit
1 small lemon juice
1 small lime juice

Baked goods

5 loaves bread
3 doz. breakfast rolls/cookies

Canned goods

1 jar sliced dill pickles (sandwiches)
6 cans of canned fruit
1 or 2 cans peas
1 or 2 ans whole kernel corn
2 cans cream-style corn*
3 quarts cooking oil
6 large cans evaporated milk (* and french toast)
1 medium bottle syrup
1 jar preserves or jam
4 bottles salad dressing
1 medium jar mayo
1 small jar mustard
1 tartar sauce
Dry goods

1 bag pancake flour
3 large jars peanuts (snack for boats)
3 bags small candy bars (snack for boats)
2 boxes Noodle-roni
Salt, pepper, seasoned salt*
Small cinnamon (french toast)
Coffee sweetener and creamer
4 boxes fish batter mix
3 doz large styrofoam cups
6 rolls of paper towels
6 rolls of toilet paper
Small dish soap
Large heavy-duty trash bags
4 dozen heavy duty paper plates
4 dozen heavy duty paper bowls
1 doz. 1/2 gallon zip-lock bags
1 small heavy-duty aluminum foil
Plastic knives, spoons, forks

Beverages (personal choice)

For example:
Juice or powdered drink mixes
Soft drinks
Beer and liquor (Can take 1 case of beer or 40 oz. of liquor per person across Canadian border)
1-2 pounds coffee or tea

* Designates that at least some portion of these items will be used in chowder

Take as little glass as possible

Baptiste Lake Chowder Recipe

In large stock pot, saute in butter, 1 onion, a few mushrooms, a bunch of celery and 1 tablespoon garlic.
Then add 4 medium red potatoes, diced.
Cover with water and boil until soft.
Next add 4 cans Evaporated Milk, 2 packages of Cream Cheese. 1 can Creamed Corn, 3-4 cups diced Fish (Northern preferred), and salt and pepper to taste.
Finish cooking until all ingredients have combined.

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